I’m Back!

My last post was about the Wolff family and that’s actually where I’ve picked things up again. And by “I”, I mean Michelle and I. Ha and mostly it’s all Michelle’s fault. I never meant to spend so much time away from genealogy, but life happens. And this summer Michelle decided to suck me right back into it all. So it’s all her fault, but in the best way.

Getting back into genealogy has reminded me of who I really am. If you know what I mean. You know something’s been missing in your life, but you just can’t figure out why you don’t feel like yourself. Genealogy isn’t everything (ha!), but the person I am when I’m doing genealogy feels 100% percent like ME.

So stay tuned for another post coming soon. Michelle and I just have to unravel some threads to decide which story to tell and where to start with it.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!