The Mysterious Angela Susanna Konzen

For those of you, who have not read the blog post “The Mystery of Angela Susanna Konzen,” you’re not missing much because we still have more questions than answers about her.  One of Angela Susanna’s descendants and I each took DNA tests a few years ago in an attempt to solve the mystery of whether or not Angela Susanna is a relative of my Konzens.  I was sure we were going to be DNA matches for each other, even if we were distant ones.  Unfortunately, Paula and I came back with no matches to each other.  It was a disappointing day and we haven’t gotten any new leads on Angela Susanna through DNA.

I just happened to look at my last post on Angela Susanna and I realized that a note I thought I added to that post years ago is not there.  So I apologize for that.  If you read that blog post, you might know that I thought Angela Susanna had to be a sister of Catherine Konzen if she wasn’t related to our Konzens.  I just couldn’t grasp the idea that there might actually be a lot of Konzens running around out there.  I live in a city without any other Konzens so I grew up thinking that Konzens were rare (and wonderful).  Now I know about so many other Konzen families and I realized that Konzens are not common, but they also are not as scarce as I once thought.

I wanted to let everyone that read “The Mystery of Angela Susanna Konzen” know that after more research, we are 99.9% certain that Angela Susanna Konzen is not the daughter of Nicolas Konzen & Anne Marie Dockendorf of Ralingen, Germany.  There is even a little bit of question about whether Angela Susanna is even a Konzen.  Right now, Angela Susanna remains a mystery because we have not been able to find a Konzen family for her.