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  1. this is incredible!!! i am mary burbach-ardell konzen craughs daughter and came apon this totally by chance. mom passed away in june but she would have loved to see this. whoever is doind this did a fantastic job. thank you. sincerely, mary craugh burbach.

    • Thanks, Mary! I have a lot more done on the family tree, but I haven’t gotten around to entering the rest of it on the blog, yet. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. So you’re descended from Theodore (I’m descended from Joannes/John), do you know Michelle Huss? Michelle’s also descended from Theodore and she’s one of the girls I do genealogy with. I’m glad you like the blog. When I first started doing genealogy, I had a horrible time finding information on most of my lines, but somebody on one side of my family had posted a family tree on a website. That family tree gave me a lot of help, so I thought it would be a great idea to have something like this for the Konzens because they have been so difficult to find.

      • Hi! I as, Mary Kay, by chance, came upon this website. Mary Kay is my first cousin. Her late mother Ardell and my Father are brother and sister. I find this, as she does, incredibley interesting. However my younger brother is not listed as a child of Francis J. Konzen and Lois Mary Kramers son. His name is Ken. Would love if you edited that into your tree. Thanks! Kristi Konzen Donahue.

  2. Hi, I am a daughter of Joseph Ries, my grandmother was Katherine Konzen 1885 to 1986.
    He married Louis Lehr after my mother Armella Friedman passed away. They were married over 50 years. They had 8 children as I am the oldest.


  3. Hi! My name is Rene Funke and my grandmother was Isabelle Konzen, descendant of Theodore then Anthony. I was so excited to find your site! Thank you so much for putting it together! There are a few missing children (my cousins). Let me know if you would like that info. Thanks!

  4. Last September, LuxRoots posted for all its subscribers its Annual List of the Top 1500 Surnames of Luxembourg. But Konzen did not have enough people to get into the list ; the cutoff count is 125 — 41 less than some guy named Loser ( at No. 1119 )! However, CONZEMIUS is in the list at No. 697 with 260 bearers — 33 ahead of somebody named Wenner ( at No. 815 with 227 people ). It may be the original and Latinized version of the KONZEN surname because, when surnames became popular in the Middle Ages, the knowledge of Latin ( and Greek ) was considered to be the mark of a good education. So it is possible that the first Konzen came back from school as a Conzemius but his parents probably smacked some sense to his face for being pretentious. Besides, nobody else in the village, other than the priest, would know how to spell properly in Latin — education was hard to get in the Middle Ages, you know — so the poor guy would have to be buried as a Konzem!!!

    But the rankings in the Top 1500 Surnames are good only for this year because the LuxRoots volunteers still have not finished the indexing of all the civil and church records of Luxembourg. So the rankings may change for next year!

  5. BIG NEWS! After I uploaded “The Kalb Penn East”, including our Konzem lines, to Geneanet, a French website, I got an e-mail from Theresia Day, a German from Frankfurt am Main. Writing in English, she told me that there is a book called “Familienbuch und Häuserchronik Herborn” — big, full of photographs, thousands of names, with a map of named houses. Our Konzen family is on pages 283 – 284. Theodor Con(t)zen was born on 29 January 1765, exactly 350 years ago, one of the ten children of Nicolaus Con(t)zen, and married in Mompach on 12 February 1725 to Maria Catharina Meyers from Osweiler / Osweyller. Nicolaus himself was born on 21 February 1716, the son of Wilhelm Schmitz-Conzen and Elisabeth Conzen ( 1691 – 1716 ) of the House CONZEN. Madame Day is from the branch of Stephanus Konzen ( born 15 October 1688 ), who, as a young man, moved 3.4 miles ( 5.5 km ) east to Metzdorf / Mesenich on the Sauer River. Metzdorf is German but, in Stephanus Konzen’s day, it was Luxembourger. That book can be ordered from its author, Roby Grosch, at robert.grosch@cfl.lu but you have to pay for it first.

  6. Dear Relations.I have to tell you a lot mor, but I have lost your E-Mail Address

    regarding the Familie of Stephanus Konzen/Conzen
    some went to the Town Igel, and a part of them also went to USA
    after Napoleon, the Name was changed to Kozem/Conzem
    in USA Konzem.( in Tipton ) contact -> emgrinolds@yahoo.com

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