Peter and Theresa Konzen

So far this is what my genealogy buddies and I have found out about Peter and Theresa Konzen.  In 1815, Peter Konzen (born in 1789) married Theresa Wolff (born in 1789) in Kruchten, Germany.  They had at least 5 children: Margaretha (born Aug 1820), Theodore (born 2 Feb 1823), John (born 1825), Anton (born 29 June 1828, died 27 Jan 1829), and Maria Catherine (born 2 Feb 1829).  According to Theodore’s baptism record, Peter & Theresa were tenant farmers for Theodore Buchholt of Giesdorff and Anna Wolff of Kruchten.

We also believe Angela Susanna Konzen (born Feb 1822), the wife of Peter Hansen, to be another of Peter and Theresa Konzen’s children, but we have not been able to find a record of her birth, yet.  Vernon Auderer wrote some books about Peter and Theresa’s children and descendants and he also came to believe that Angela was their child.  However, Vernon doesn’t remember how or why he came to that conclusion.

The three of us also think that Mathias Konzen (born June 1818, died 10 Oct 1900) is a possible child of Peter and Theresa.  Mathias came to America on the same ship as Peter and Theresa and their son Theodore’s family.  Then he temporarily settled in Dubuque County, Iowa, where Peter and Theresa, Theodore, John, Angela, and Catherine settled.  Mathias probably moved to Chickasaw County, Iowa, in the same time period as John.  And later, Mathias, John, and Margaretha are all next to each other on the 1860 census.

It’s been harder than you would imagine it to be for Michelle, Paula, and I to find information on our Konzen relatives.  I think modern day con men could learn a few lessons from the Konzens about not leaving a clear trail to their past for anyone to follow.  A few times during our research, I’ve mentally thrown my arms up in the air and decided that our Konzens were obviously hiding from something because they made themselves so hard for us to trace!  I don’t actually think that’s what is going on, but the Konzens really didn’t make any of this easy for us.

If anyone has any information on the Konzens – or any questions, please let me know.