Peter and Theresa Konzen

So far this is what my genealogy buddies and I have found out about Peter and Theresa Konzen.  In 1815, Peter Konzen (born in 1789) married Theresa Wolff (born in 1789) in Kruchten, Germany.  They had at least 5 children: Margaretha (born Aug 1820), Theodore (born 2 Feb 1823), John (born 1825), Anton (born 29 June 1828, died 27 Jan 1829), and Maria Catherine (born 2 Feb 1829).  According to Theodore’s baptism record, Peter & Theresa were tenant farmers for Theodore Buchholt of Giesdorff and Anna Wolff of Kruchten.

We also believe Angela Susanna Konzen (born Feb 1822), the wife of Peter Hansen, to be another of Peter and Theresa Konzen’s children, but we have not been able to find a record of her birth, yet.  Vernon Auderer wrote some books about Peter and Theresa’s children and descendants and he also came to believe that Angela was their child.  However, Vernon doesn’t remember how or why he came to that conclusion.

The three of us also think that Mathias Konzen (born June 1818, died 10 Oct 1900) is a possible child of Peter and Theresa.  Mathias came to America on the same ship as Peter and Theresa and their son Theodore’s family.  Then he temporarily settled in Dubuque County, Iowa, where Peter and Theresa, Theodore, John, Angela, and Catherine settled.  Mathias probably moved to Chickasaw County, Iowa, in the same time period as John.  And later, Mathias, John, and Margaretha are all next to each other on the 1860 census.

It’s been harder than you would imagine it to be for Michelle, Paula, and I to find information on our Konzen relatives.  I think modern day con men could learn a few lessons from the Konzens about not leaving a clear trail to their past for anyone to follow.  A few times during our research, I’ve mentally thrown my arms up in the air and decided that our Konzens were obviously hiding from something because they made themselves so hard for us to trace!  I don’t actually think that’s what is going on, but the Konzens really didn’t make any of this easy for us.

If anyone has any information on the Konzens – or any questions, please let me know.


3 thoughts on “Peter and Theresa Konzen

  1. I was so excited to stumble across your website today and find so much valuable information. I’ve been dabbling in Konzen genealogy for several years, but not getting serious enough about it yet. I use RootsMagic software to track my information, most of which I derive from obituaries in local newspapers and from mortuary websites, which is not extremely accurate or complete, of course. I have over 9,300 names in my database and some of them are actually related to me. I found myself in your family tree, the only Roger listed, son of Elmer, grandson of Nicholas, great-grandson of Matthew. There are discrepancies between some of my data and what I see in your file, which is not surprising. I have extracted the section related to my grandfather Nic and added comments and corections to it. I would be happy to send you this revicion file, if you’d like. I also have birthdates for most of these in my generation, with spouse and children data too. Please feel free to use it, and I will continue to look over other portions of your wonderful database! -Roger Konzen, Marion, Iowa

    • Hi Roger, it’s great to hear from another Konzen! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. I’d love to have a copy of your revisions and see what differences there are. I’ll send you a direct email to give you my email address. I’ve gotten most of my information from a variety of records and from Vernon Auderer’s books on the Konzens. Michelle Huss (you might know who she is, I think she said you once gave her some information on a picture), Paula Hartman (a descendant of Angela Susanna), and I have been working as research partners on the Konzens and that’s part of the reason I have so much information on the Konzens. I’m descended from John Konzen and I don’t know anyone on my side of the family except for all of the descendants of my great grandfather John Charles Konzen (John Konzen’s son). I don’t know if John’s side of the family drifted away from the rest of the family or if it’s just because John Charles wasn’t close to the rest of his family after he moved from Iowa to Minnesota. I have more people to add the family tree (obviously), but I haven’t had the time to add it lately with all of the research Michelle, Paula, and I have been doing. Thanks!

  2. Hola mi nombre es Maria Konzen y soy de Argentina. buscando informacion de la familia encontre este blog. te cuento que mi padre fue el unico Konzen que vino a vivir al pais por temas de familia se vino a la provincia de misiones. asi que somos los unicos aqui. Mi padre Jose Alfredo Konzen era hijo de Albino Luis Konzen y de Maria Elisabetha Luft.
    te cuento que en brasil se acostumbra a hacer una fiesta donde se juntan los konzen.ya habrás visto la pagina se realizan cada 2 años.y se hace una gran fiesta! hasta hay un libro con su arbol genealogico. este es el facebook de mi hija asi nos podemos poner en contacto espero tu respuesta.saludos.

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