The Wolffs of Burg-Reuland

Theresa Wolff and Peter Konzen married on 6 Feb 1815 in Kruchten, Germany.

We’ve been busy looking for Theresa Wolff’s birth in Reuland, Luxembourg, because Kruchten church records show she was born in Reuland.  We haven’t been successful in finding the Wolff family in Reuland, Luxembourg.  When hunting for information on Reuland, Michelle came across Burg-Reuland, Belgium.  Burg-Reuland is very close to the current border of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

Michelle ordered some microfilms for Burg-Reuland and after digging through them we found Theresa Wolff’s birth and the birth of some of her siblings: Anna Maria, Nicholas Carolus Mathaus, and Petrus.


Maria Theresia Wolff’s birth and baptism record

Theresa Wolff was born Maria Theresia Wolff in Burg-Reuland on 20 Feb 1789 to Joannes Caroli Wolff of Reuland and Margaretha Schmidt of Kruchten. According to her baptism record, her parents were married in Burg-Reuland. Theresa’s father Carl signed his name on the baptism record so he was at least able to write his name.

Her brother Nicolaus Carolus Mathaus Wolff was born in Burg-Reuland on 6 Dec 1790 to Jois Caroli Wolff and Margaretha Schmidt.

Theresa’s brother Petrus Wolff was born in Burg-Reuland on 6 Dec 1792 to Caroli Wolff and Maria Catharina Schmitz.

Her sister Anna Maria Wolff was born in Burg-Reuland on 17 Dec 1794 to Caroli Wolff and Margaretha Schmitz.

We’re still looking for a microfilm with Carl Wolff and Margaretha Schmidt’s marriage on it and for films with their births.


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