Just an Update on the Konzen Hunt

Recently, Michelle, Paula, and I decided to further our Konzen search by ordering some German microfilms of parish records through the LDS Family Search center.  We ordered films for Kruchten, Konzen, Ralingen, and Fohren, Germany.  So far, I’ve gone through the Kruchten film searching for more records of Theresa, Peter, and their families.  I’ve found a number of records for Kouts and Wolffs and a baptism record for Johan Mathias Konzen.  According to the record, Johan Mathias is the son of Peter & Theresa and his birth date matches up with the information we have on the Mathias Konzen we’ve suspected of being another of Peter & Theresa’s kids. 

The baptism record for Johan Mathias Konzen

Unfortunately, we still haven’t found any records for Angela Susanna (sometimes known as Margarthe) Konzen being a child of Peter & Theresa.  But, we haven’t given up the search.  And now that we have documentation showing that Mathias is the son of Peter & Theresa, it seems even more likely that Angela is also their child.  If Peter & Theresa would name one of their children Johan Mathias and another one Joannes (my great great grandfather) – so they basically named two of their sons John – then it seems very likely that they could have one daughter named Margaretha and one named Angela Margarethe or Margarethe Angela. 

Michelle, Paula, and I probably won’t ever stop trying to prove that Angela is Peter & Theresa’s daughter even if some DNA testing – or even body exhumation – ends up being involved : )

While scouring the Kruchten records for Angela, I came across two baptism records for children of Mathias Konzen and Catherine (or Anna Catherine) Schaetz.  Mathias & Catherine are not Peter’s parents since since (according to his marriage record) his parents are Theodore Konzen and Catherine Schuler.  Mathias’s last name is not obviously Konzen from looking at those baptism records, but in Peter & Theresa’s son Johan Mathias’s baptism record, one of his sponsors is Catherine Schaetz-Konzen which confirms that Catherine Schaetz’s husband Mathias’s last name is Konzen.  So Mathias Konzen might be Peter’s uncle and his children Peter (1781) and Catherine (1791) would be Peter’s cousins.

The baptism record for Peter Konzen son of Mathias Konzen and Anna Catherine Schaetz

The baptism record for Catherine Konzen daughter of Mathias Konzen and Catherine Schaetz

We’ve also discovered that Theresa’s sister Anne Marie Wolff married Cornelius Sondag in Kruchten on Feb 22, 1810.  Anne Marie and Cornelius had seven children (that we know of): Anne Marie (born 1821), Franciscus (born 1823), Matthias (born 1825), Marie (born 1826), Carolus Matt (born 1829), Wilhelmus (born 1832), and Peter (born 1835).

Anne Marie Wolff and Cornelius Sondag's marriage record

Anne Marie and Theresa are both children of Charles Wolff and M.Catherine Muller.

I also noticed while going through the Kruchten records that some of the Kouts were from Mettendorf where John Konzen’s wife Catherine Pitz was from.  It seems that the Konzens are all even more related than we thought.  I’m currently trying to make mini family trees for the Kouts and Wolffs from the records so we can figure out how all the Kout and Wolff families in Kruchten are related to each other.

I haven’t finished going through the Kruchten records and we haven’t started on the Konzen, Ralingen, Fohren, or Oberbettingen microfilms yet so you never know what we’ll come up with!  I better get back to organizing the Kruchten records, but I’ll make sure to keep in touch about our progress with the Konzens.


4 thoughts on “Just an Update on the Konzen Hunt

  1. Could you tell me the name of the church in Kruchten where you found this info. We have been trying to find the name and phone # to church but can’t find the name of the church. We are looking for ambrosy info from that church.
    Thanks for any help, I like all the work you have done.
    Lorista Ambrose

    • Hi, Lorista. The church is Kath. Pfarramt St. Maximin Kruchten and the address is Hubertusstr. 16 – 54675 Korperich. Telephone 06566/212, fax 06566/933375, and e-mail: Pfarramt.Koerperich@web.de. I found this all on the letter of information that Michelle (one of my fellow Konzen researchers) received from P. Horst Brandt at the church. What time period are you looking for your ancestors in Kruchten? Have you ever used Tom Pick’s index of the Eifel region? I see that there are some Ambrosis on his page for Kruchten http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pick/cruchten.txt. Have you looked through the microfilms for Kruchten? And just out of curiosity, where did your Ambrosis end up in America? It seems like a lot of people from Kruchten ended up in the same area in Iowa, so that’s made me curious about the other Kruchteners. Thanks, Lorista, and good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply,
        The Ambrose’s ended up first in Il, than went to Sumner, Gilbertville, Dubuque, IA. There so many of them, we have just found info about Kruchten. We found the ship they came over on in the ancestry library edition when we were in Kansas City, in the NY passenger lists 1820 to 1957. So now we need to know who the parents were to the ones that came over. Could you please ckeck the E-mail address for the Kath. Pfarramt St. Maximin Kruchten. I tried to send a email to Pfarramt.Koerperich@web.de and it says something wrong with the address.
        Thanks hope to here from you soon.

      • Lorista, I checked the email address and they listed it on the letterhead as that, but I’m thinking they might have made a typo. I’d try Pfarramt.Korperich@web.de because Korperich is part of the address, hopefully that works! Or maybe they’ve changed their email address since they had the letterhead made… It’s very interesting that some Ambroses ended up in Dubuque, Iowa, that’s where our Konzens ended up. Theodore, Mathias, and their parents Peter and Theresa all came to Dubuque through New Orleans where they spent a winter. I haven’t been able to find where my ancestor John came to America through, but his sister Margaretha and her husband Mathias Kauth/Kout (also from Kruchten) came through New York. They all settled in Dubuque, and within ten years, Margaretha, Mathias, and John had moved to Chickasaw, Iowa. Another person from Kruchten, Henry Gilbert, married a relative of Michelle’s in Dubuque, so it seems like one person from Kruchten must have gone to Dubuque and then written a letter back home saying how great the place was! : ) Hopefully, you’ll find out more about your Ambroses. I’ll look through some of my scans of the Kruchten film and see if I find any with Ambroses. If I do, I’ll let you know. Good luck, Lorista, and let me know if you hear back from Kruchten.

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