Elizabeth Konzen

Theodore Konzen and Catherine Schuler had eight children (Anna Maria’s a new addition) – that we know of – Anna Maria (1781), Peter (1782), Wilhelm (1783), Elizabeth (1787), Peter (1789), Joannes (1794), Marie (1795), and Wilhelm (1797).  Peter (1789) is my great great great grandfather and we’ve always had high hopes for where Wilhelm (1797) might lead us, but a while ago Paula found a German genealogy site with a family tree for their sister Elizabeth.  According to the site, Elizabeth married Mathias Michels in Sirzenich, Germany, on October 26, 1809.  Sirzenich is part of the Trierweiler, Germany, parish so I ordered microfilm 0560647.

That microfilm contains a large range of baptism, marriage, and death records for Trierweiler parish so I was able to trace Elizabeth and Mathias’s descendants into the 1880s.  Elizabeth and Mathias’s children were Catharina (born 23 Sep 1810), Johann (3 Apr 1813), Anna Maria (9 Apr 1815), Mathias (22 Jul 1817), Catharina (22 Feb 1820), Bernard (17 Feb 1824), Anna Maria (17 Jan 1825), and Lucia (1829).  Catharina Michels (22 Feb 1820) married Joannes Braun on 21 Jan 1833.  Catharina & Joannes’s children were Elisabeth (20 Jan 1835), Maria & Margaretha (18 Feb 1841), Anna Maria, and Matthias (13 Jul 1848).

Anna Maria Michels married Theodore Schilz (13 Feb 1842) and Anna Catharina Michels married Joanne Ernzen (15 Feb 1848).  Mathias Michels married Catharina Harz (18 Jan 1849) and Anna Maria Michels married Matthias Horsch (18 Jan 1849).  Lucia Michels married Michaele Elsen (1 Sep 1852) and Joannes Michels married Margaretha Schilz (12 Mar 1853).

There are a couple of very cool things (besides all of the genealogical info) that I found in these records.  First of all, we know that Catharina Schuler Konzen was still alive in 1810 according to her granddaughter and god-daughter Catharina’s baptism record.  In Anna Maria Michels’s (17 Jan 1825) baptism record, her godfather is Wilhelm Konzen of Ollingen.  We’re hoping this Wilhelm is Elizabeth’s brother and there is a Ollingen, Germany, and a Dillingen, Luxembourg, that we’re searching for him in.

Also, Elizabeth’s daughter Catharina’s (1810) daughter Margaretha Braun was named after Elizabeth’s brother Peter’s (my great great great grandfather) daughter Margaretha Konzen (could you follow that?).  Margaretha and Catharina were first cousins and I love knowing that they were close enough that Margaretha was Catharina’s daughter’s godmother.  Another interesting fact is that Elizabeth’s grandson Mathias Braun married a Margaretha Kuhn who may be related to our Konzens since Kuhn is a common variation of Konzen.

Elizabeth Konzen lived to be 91 years old and she died 26 Mar 1878 in Trierweiler, Germany.

I’m working on making a family tree page for Elizabeth’s family.


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